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For Telecoms

We can connect you with the constantly evolving information technology world

New trends in the telecommunication industry require telecoms to be responsive to global innovations

like machine-to-machine communications, augmented or virtual reality, connected cars, smart homes and cities and most important - to the changes in consumer preferences.

While you focus on assuring reliable and affordable data and voice services, we can help you by providing highly educated and experienced teams in the field of web and mobile development that your company requires.

Dedicated teams

Our dedicated teams concentrate only on one project at a time, so they are well-informed and focused on the project’s specifications, scopes, workflow and business goals. This ensures maximum productivity, visibility, flexibility and a speedy working process.

The constant evolution in the telecom industry, which is permanently searching for better quality and acceleration, both in services and in the back office, will impose upgrades on the connectivity infrastructure, which will shift to fifth generation (5G) mobile networks and transition manual processes to automation.

Building an intuitive system that controls all the knowledge you maintain

Building an intuitive system that controls all the knowledge you maintain about your customers, sales and billing can dramatically improve productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business results.

If your activities require connecting different devices, objects, machines or people over the internet and letting them communicate by collecting and exchanging data, we have experience in the “Internet of Things” we would like to share.

Here are some of the technologies we are working with

We will choose all the right technologies to transform your ideas into web or mobile solutions. Our back-end developers know the secrets of Java Spring, which provides an easy, secure and efficient way to handle Forms and Logins. One of the greatest contributions of Spring is the ability to structure entire applications in a consistent and productive manner, pulling together a coherent architecture.

Infoleven’s programmers are familiar with the rich collection of tools and libraries that Microsoft's .NET framework provides for developing and implementing software for Windows clients, servers and mobile or embedded devices.

For front-end development, we can recommend Angular.JS as an extremely powerful JavaScript framework for creating single-page applications, focusing on real-time experience.


JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, LESS, SASS, Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, Foundation, Bootstrap, jQuery, ReactJS


Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, Express.JS, MVC.NET, Java


User experience and interface concept development

Fast-growing role of mobile development

Meanwhile, the fast-growing role of mobile development is changing the way businesses function worldwide. The rapid innovations in mobile devices require app developers with various skills. Swift coding for iOS, as an example, is no challenge for our talented team. On the opposite side are our Android engineers with their knowledge of Java programming, combined with the Android software development kit. Our team will also provide a high-level understanding about how the Android UI is constructed and working.

Telecoms come from very specific, highly technological and innovative economic sphere. We can fit in with our knowledge and flexible approach to provide trustworthy decisions, high-quality services and powerful communication.

"Good job guys!"

Raphael Borg Ellul Vincenti

Development Team Lead at Melita Plc

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