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How to make UX design contribute to your company’s goals in 2018

When we speak of design, most people immediately think of graphic or fashion one. In the case of UX (User Experience), they couldn’t be more wrong. UX Design isn’t only about drawing skills and aesthetics. It’s the process of developing and implementing meaningful and personally relevant experiences.

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The Digital Revolution of The New World: VR & AR

VR & AR today are the technologies everybody talks about. Still, the end-user has had little interference with both. Products like the Oculus Rift are already in stores, but they’ve not yet become the next smartphones, while others like Google Glass are almost impossible to come by.

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What is front-end development and what to expect from it in 2018

I can bet my salary that you’ve seen a website, but have you taken notice of the way it’s presented, how different parts act when you interact with them (buttons when clicked) or how the site overall feels? For sure some pages hooked you up immediately due to the way they looked and acted...

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The Rules of Mobile App Building

Smartphones have undoubtedly become the most used invention nowadays. Every one of us is stuck with a phone in hand for at least a few hours per day. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the share of mobile development and marketing worldwide is rapidly growing. But...

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A Brief Guide to Backend Developers

Backend developers are tech savvies that appear to most people as some fictional folk that does magic of another kind. Much like the Jedi, their status of digital knights has given them uprising popularity and vast social interest. Still, most clients treat...

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The Bulgarian tradition of the Martenitsa

A Martenitsa is a small ornament (usually a bracelet or a brooch), most often made of wool or cotton yarn in two basic colors - white and red, which Bulgarians tie around their wrists or clip on their clothes each year on...

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Our Birthday celebration

As we mentioned earlier on our Facebook page - we had our second birthday on the 15th of February. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate it with a party!

In the evening of the said day we got together in our office to...

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Love and wine 

Today is Valentine’s day – considered to be the most romantic day of the year. Many people celebrate the love for their significant others by sending cards or letters, gifts and flowers or going out on romantic dates...

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How to work with software agencies and what to expect?

In today’s fast evolving business world, technology is crucial for internal organization, providing excellent customer services and promoting your business. One of the foundational uses of technology within any company is the type of...

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Kick start of “Do Work You Love Breakfast” in Sofia, Bulgaria

“Do Work You Love Breakfast” has managed to connect hundreds of people around the topic “find & do work that you love". The Munich-based well-known recurring event is brought to Sofia and co-organized by Infoleven...

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Our Christmas party

As we mentioned in our previous post - Christmas is time for love, warmth and hope. But it is also time for getting together with your family and loved ones and showing gratitude.

So as one big family Infoleven team got together at our office and...

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Spreading the Christmas spirit

Christmas is a special time of the year. It is a time for giving love, hope and warmth.

This year we took part in a charity initiative organized by Holiday Heroes. This is a non-profit association for public benefit, helping various social and...

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And so...

As a fresh and enthusiastic web and app development specialists, we thought we could be useful to you in one more way - after all it is our mission, so we decided to create our own blog. And here it is…

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