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We are Infoleven

A web and mobile development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria

We offer long-term services for corporate clients, as well as project-based support for SME

We started in 2015 and we’ve been evolving ever since. Our team grew from 4 to 40 people at present – all young, enthusiastic, dedicated and fresh.

We spent this time constantly improving our workflow, according to our client’s needs and project specifications so that we can deliver precise and high-quality services. To do so, we work with the latest technologies and offer additional services – Concept development, UX/UI, front-end and back-end programming, QA, coordination, and communication (See: Our Technologies).

Our Mission

Infoleven develops mesmerizing software products.

Our mission is to deliver quality every time and to feel proud of our work. We always strive to improve ourselves and have the courage to try new things. We add value by turning your ideas into efficient web and mobile solutions.


We see ourselves as actively involved builders of the current technological era. Infoleven will lead, guide and support you and your business through the challenging transition from an analogue into a digital world.

Code of Honor

1. We deliver results and communicate openly.

2. We aim to achieve our goals in the most efficient way.

3. We treat our clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers with respect.

4. We seek quality over quantity. We are proud of our work.

5. We are determined to learn and develop constantly – we perpetually analyze and improve ourselves, our organization and the world around us.

6. We make decisions today with the vision for tomorrow – even at the cost of short-term gains.

7. Good leaders make sure to create leaders around them and thus we build our sustainable organization step by step.

8. We believe in these postulates and apply them within our organization and to the people around us.

Our Clients

Our clients are based in Germany, Switzerland, Malta, the UK, France, Canada, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey. We have worked on various projects and this gives us the confidence and certainty that we can meet your requirements and materialize your ideas. You can check out some of them on our Projects page.

We’d love to help you out with your project and share our experience and expertise!  Contacts us here

We want to be more social and transparent with our partners than ever and our presence on social media is the next step to doing that. You can follow, subscribe or just Like some of our profiles in  LinkedIn,  Xing,  Facebook,  YouTube,  Twitter,  Google+  or  Instagram for more of what we are up to next!

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